Onus on developers, landowners to speed up housing project approvals


KUALA LUMPUR: The onus is on the developers and landowners now to ensure that they enjoy speedy approval of housing projects, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

He said the setting up of one-stop centres for fast-track approval would allow the Government to shorten the process to four to six months and local authorities such as the Malacca Historical City Council could even reduce the time to 60 days.

“Therefore, the principal submitting person, developers and landowners must be sure of what they want to do with their land and do not simply change their plan,” he said at the Mapex 2007 official opening ceremony here on Friday. He also urged those who were involved to be responsible and serious about what they wanted to do with the land they possessed.

“They must also be well prepared with all the relevant documents when submitting their applications to the local authorities,” he said.

He said under the new system, only those with good experience and track record in the industry could succeed.

“We do not want people who sell houses to make quick money in the industry simply because they own a piece of land,” he said.

He said only developers who could stand up challenges and obstacles and still delivered a good job would be respected.

“Track record and reputation cannot be manipulated but they need to be earned through good delivery,” he said, adding that taking pictures with government ministers did not give developers good names.

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